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Award for best Massage in Fort Collins

Voted 2015's best Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) in Fort Collins for massage therapy treatment and services as reviewed by patients. 

Check out out what some of our clients have to say!

I hate you, I love you, I NEED you! Thank you for being awesome

and making me feel better!

-Jeni L

The absolute best massage ever! Thank you for always making me feel 100%!

See you next time!

-Ashley M

Thank you for introducing my son to Therapeutic Massage!

-Jill G

You are purely magic! Thank You!

-Crystal K

"Such a big difference in my body since going to Dynamic Touch. I suffer hip pain of about a 9 everyday! Ja`red has worked on my hip twice and yesterday my hip pain was down to a 3!!! I have better range of motion and people have told me my posture is better because I am feeling better!!!! I've also been doing the stretches I was given to do and feeling better!!! Highly recommend Mr Magic Hands to everybody!!!!!"

-Kim F

"After years of agony due to old injuries and arthritis, which have forced me to be on numerous pain medications for over a decade now, I am able to find another immediate and incredibly satisfying form of relief through Ja`red's strong, skilled massage techniques. Whether in need of a way to relieve some tension and stress or immediate relief from chronically debilitating pain, Dynamic Touch Massage is definitely the best choice I have found in Fort Collins and the surrounding areas. I recommend Dynamic Touch very highly for anyone and everyone!" 

-J Smith

“It has been 5 days since my massage and I STILL feel the relief. Massage just went from a luxury to a necessity!”

-Jennifer V


"As someone who gets massages regularly, I'm quite picky about quality, including deep tissue and sport-related injury treatment. Ja`red made me feel very comfortable, and was extremely patient and deliberate in addressing ALL of my issues. He displays an excellent knowledge of body kinetics, as well as the ability to manipulate the body to achieve maximal functioning. His music selection was very unique and enjoyable. He went over time, and even suggested several passive stretches for me to work on at home. Overall, very impressed! I'll definitely be back, Thanks!" 

- Libby S

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Female client of Dynamic Touch Massage
Female athlete who loves massage!
Client who comes in for migraine headache massages.
Client who brings son in for massages.
Woman that loves Dynamic Touch Massage!
Massage testimonial from female client
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